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Robert Meyer meyer_rm at
Thu Sep 13 09:43:06 EDT 2001

I think you might have to add the server to /var/yp/ypservers and rebuild the
maps before a server is allowed to connect.  I don't remember if the ypservers
map is rebuilt as part of the Makefile or not.

Hope this helps...


--- Robert Dege <rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU> wrote:
> I'm trying to setup a master/slave NIS.  I was able to setup a master NIS
> slave with no problem....  it works beautifully.
> But for some reason, when I try to make an NIS slave machine, I keep on
> getting the following error:
> (main is the name of my nis master server)
> # ypinit -s main
> Can't enumerate maps from main.  Please check that it is running.
> I can do a ypwhich & get main.  I can even do ypwhich -m & get all the
> available maps.  Anyobdy have some advise?  BTW, this is on RedHat 6.2,
> Alpha.  I'm using the latest sources available at (ypserv,
> yp-tool, and ypbind).
> Dege
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