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pardon the ignorance...I just joined the newsgroup and I'm hoping to attend
the next meeting.  It's at the Statler towers this sunday but...what time?


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> up.  Bob has volunteered
> to do whatever he can to get the meeting set-up and
> organized but he needs to
> know from you, the meeting participants, what you
> are most interested in.

Here are a few Ideas in order of importance (to me):
1. How does one copy a dvd to a hard drive and then
convert it to a size that will fit on a cd. I have
this done once with the movie 'the matrix'.
2. How can one use linux to gain as much information
as possible about what kinds of traffic are on a lan.
3. How can one use linux to monitor bandwidth usage on
a lan.
4. Is it feasable and/or a good idea to use nfs
of an nt file server for network file space with
windows client machines.(thus eliminating the need for
ms specific lan protocols)
5. Is it possible spread the work of an x86 emulator
over several parallel processing machines.
6. In light of recent copyright trials,is RMS right
after all?
 Thanks you Bob, et al,

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