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Richard Hubbard wrote:

> pardon the ignorance...I just joined the newsgroup and I'm hoping to attend
> the next meeting.  It's at the Statler towers this sunday but...what time?
> Thanks!
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> > up.  Bob has volunteered
> > to do whatever he can to get the meeting set-up and
> > organized but he needs to
> > know from you, the meeting participants, what you
> > are most interested in.
> Here are a few Ideas in order of importance (to me):
> 1. How does one copy a dvd to a hard drive and then
> convert it to a size that will fit on a cd. I have
> seen
> this done once with the movie 'the matrix'.
> 2. How can one use linux to gain as much information
> as possible about what kinds of traffic are on a lan.
> 3. How can one use linux to monitor bandwidth usage on
> a lan.
> 4. Is it feasable and/or a good idea to use nfs
> instead
> of an nt file server for network file space with
> windows client machines.(thus eliminating the need for
> ms specific lan protocols)
> 5. Is it possible spread the work of an x86 emulator
> over several parallel processing machines.
> 6. In light of recent copyright trials,is RMS right
> after all?
>  Thanks you Bob, et al,
>  Joe
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Isn't that next Sunday?  The third of the month?

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