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Thu Feb 15 08:32:01 EST 2001

> 2. How can one use linux to gain as much information
> as possible about what kinds of traffic are on a lan.

you can use NMAP, a network mapping tool. nmap it probable one of the
most advanced scanners out there, it's feature set is very rich. check
it out at

> 3. How can one use linux to monitor bandwidth usage on
> a lan.

MRTG mulit router traffice grapher. this tool is perfect for monitoring
bandwidth usage on you lan. it creates pretty little pictures, and give
you daily,weekly,monthly, and yearly usage summaries.

> 4. Is it feasable and/or a good idea to use nfs
> instead
> of an nt file server for network file space with
> windows client machines.(thus eliminating the need for
> ms specific lan protocols)

if you have a all linux/unix network what else would you use? if you
have to mix M$ and linux/unix your cheapest bet is still samba. if
you're mixing solaris and M$ you can use Sun's PC Netlink, which allows
you to move your M$ PDC/BDC and all it's functionality to solaris. it
works great and is what my company uses.

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