Lasse Saarinen kumiorava at
Thu Feb 15 00:20:53 EST 2001

j j wrote:

> 1. How does one copy a dvd to a hard drive and then
> convert it to a size that will fit on a cd. I have
> seen
> this done once with the movie 'the matrix'.

As it happens, I've toyed around with this stuff quite a bit lately. I 
don't know if anyone read it, but I posted here about a week back some 
of my experiences with direct DVD playback under Linux using 
software-only decoding. I've also copied a movie from a DVD to a CD, so 
indeed it can be done.

If people are interested, I can bring my box along and demonstrate. That 
is, if I can find some time to prepare a demonstration and somehow get 
this hulking pain-in-the-arse fulltower out there.

	~ Lasse

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