[nflug] dual video card

Eric eric at bootz.us
Fri Jun 1 21:52:29 EDT 2007

:) yes found that out... I'musing the nvidia driver

Justin S. Leitgeb wrote:
> Eric Benoit wrote:
>> ahhh, further digging found me to the nvidia Linux driver software 
>> which auto magically install software and modules.  very nice!
>> Eric Benoit wrote:
>>> Hi, I'm using Fedora6, my dual video card is recognized and both 
>>> monitors are recognized
>>> However after I configure them through:
>>> system -> administration -> display ...and check on dual head 
>>> ...then logout out of gnome, xserver fails to start and no errors 
>>> seem to be logged to tell me what happened?  Has anyone dealt with a 
>>> problem similar to this one, or have an idea?
>>> Thank in advance,
>>> Eric
> I don't know if you ended up using the package directly from nvidia or 
> the RPM package from the livna repository, but the latter is more 
> convenient from my experience.  If you use the NVidia package you will 
> have to re-install it every time you upgrade your kernel; whereas with 
> the packages from the livna repository (installed by yum as 
> kmod-nvidia-1.0.9755- and 
> xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-1.0.9755-2.lvn7 on my current Fedora 7 system) OS 
> upgrades don't always kill your X configuration.
> In either case, if you have had to create a custom xorg.conf file you 
> should save a backup somewhere since the nvidia software tends to 
> ungracefully erase it with particular upgrades.
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