Find H+V synch numbers

Dave Andruczyk djandruczyk at
Sun Feb 8 12:21:28 EST 2004

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> >30-38khz horizontal, 72 hertz vertical
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> Thanks, Dave.
> I just searched the model w/o the leading "HP ".
> Knoppix wants a range for the vertical in the X configuator.
> What  number should I use as a safe and reasonable lower limit ?

Try 60-72 for your range,  if the monitor scrambles (it might be fixed freq
for vertical (rare)). then try 72-72, or 70 72 for the vert sync range..

Common vert sync values are:
56, 60,70,72,75,85,100,120 .  Some people are sensitive to lower vert refresh
and the monitor looks like a strobe light to them (usually 60 hz or less). 
at 70-75 hertz stops the strobe effect (for those that can see it) and reduce 

Dave J. Andruczyk

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