Local Linux friendly ISP offer to NFLUG users

Gregory J. Neumann gjn at certainlywood.com
Sun Mar 24 20:03:43 EST 2002

I think that the web page would be another good place to post the change, if it 
happens.  Is there a membership list w/ addresses?  A possible course of action 
would be to have everybody post an "I got the word" reply here on the list, compare 
it to the membership list and phone/mail those that haven't replied.  I'll help 
with that.

Finally, how are we to know wen it has actually changed?  Just a majority of us 
loudmouths on the list?  ;-)  
AFAIK, We changed the date on the last meeting just using the list, and again 
AFAIK, nobody was too confused by it.  (But how would we know if they don't post to 
the list?)  Geez, I'm doing too much second guessing!  Just my .02.  
I'm still all for the change, unless the room is th size of my "office" (read 
server space) here! ;-)

> I agree that we should keep our eyes open but I suspect that at the time of a
> needed relocation, opportunities would present themselves.  We have a large
> enough group that we probably can find a place (whether a good sized room or
> someone's large family room :-) fairly quickly.  We just mentioned fairly
> recently that we're having a problem with the Downtown location and we've had
> several folks with ideas, the most recent of which is the offer by Joe Bielli
> for the use of his company's location.  If the membership thinks the change
> would be good, I would hope that we wouldn't have to do this again for a long
> time.
> If we move, we also need a way to notify EVERYONE in the group so that noone
> continues to show up at Statler Towers, looking for us.  Notifying the list
> will get most folks but I suspect that there may be a few that aren't on the
> list.
> I'd like a bit more info about the size of the room but other than that, I have
>  no objections if the group wants to move to the location at the corner of
> Cayuga and Cleveland drive.  Use of the facilities of a company that is filled
> with Linux geeks can't be too bad :-)  We might even garner a few more members
> in the deal.
> Joe, could you please let us know the size of the room and what the rules of
> engagement might be (Do's and Don'ts, that is)?  Obviously, things like major
> reconstruction of the facilities and hacking the company's computers are the
> don'ts and cleaning up after ourselves is a major do.  Anything else that we'd
> need to know before the membership makes a decision?
> Thanks, folks...
> Cheers!
> Bob

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