Little green lights

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> Ron-
> Opening Kmixer and unmuting and max volume was one of the
> first solutions I found searching Mandrake User, but no mention
> was made about NOT saving the settings, so I think I probably did.
> Oh, well. I may have to wipe and reinstall [what I call Washing
> Windows :-) if your windows are dirty, replace the glass, right ?]
> Regarding the Celeron box, was it actually Sound Blaster, or just
> SB compatible ?
Its a real Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audio PCI 64Voices built
into the motherboard. Ensonic (spelling?) style card only built in.
Intel CPU sitting on an Intel board. BI440ZX
I think its a 810 chip set if I remember?

> Mine is SB compatible, detected as Trident. From
> what I found out, SB compatible means many different things to
> different mfgs, especially concerning linux application drivers.
> Whatever Dege did at the last meeting got the CD player
> working, but that's a direct connection from audio out on the drive
> to the sound jack via a 4 strand cable, [analog all the way] not the
> IDE ribbon. It's a digital to analog conversion problem, because
> Kmedia or whatever it is, will load files and play them [shows file
> size and elapsed time running] but nothing from the speakers.
> There is nothing in /dev/sound or /dev/snd, but I found out that
> alsa-utils is not loaded by default on a Man8.1 install, and must be
> selected, so that's the next step I guess, and might even solve the
> modem and netcard snag. It's back to the web tonight for more
> research, then switch to the tux box and fiddle tomorrow.

Well I'd say you got your work cut out for ya, but good luck!!!
When I was working for Next Gen they sold a lot of those type
of boards (all in one's) and after seeing how much they are a pain
in the ass with Windows let alone Linux. I was immediately turned
off the idea of all in one boards. The only advantage I saw to them was
their price. I still like this board, but if I where to ever build another
again soon I'd rather have a board without anything and put all subsystem
features as separates this way I controll what goes into the box. I found
that gives one the least headaches. More money, but in the long run I don't
have to fart around as much. I only have two boards with built in sound this
and the IntelliStation it has a Crystal Sound card built into the board. A
sound card, but not as nice as the Sound Blaster.

Well take care and see you at the next meeting.


> Scott
> Windows: Where do you want to go today?
> MacOS: Where do you want to be tomorrow?
> Linux: Are you coming, or what?
> (from Linux Journal)

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