Robert F. Stockdale IV javabob at
Fri Nov 30 04:56:53 EST 2001

JJ Neff wrote:

>I setup Mandrake 8.1 on my Old NT server and would like to use Linux
>exclusively.  To that end I want to dual boot my Gaming machine to Linux.  I
>added a HD and some other hardware and it all works under Windows.  Now I want
>to install Linux.  I also want to use NIS and NFS so that I can keep one
>Name/password and map my Home drive to the Server just Like I used to under NT
>I set up NIS server according to MUO (Mandrake Users instructions) and am not
>sure if I have to create a user in the NIS password database that is seperate
>from my Local logon user (on server) also how do I get the Home drive on my
>server mounted on my workstation (I already added /home/jjneff(rw) to my
>/etc/exports) I assume I just mount it from FSTAB on my client machine.  But
>then how do I do this at install time to point to that spot or do I redo the
>link after installing.  Tips from real world admins?
>PS I saw that NIS was an option to logon when doing the install but again not
>sure what Name/passwrd DB it uses...
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There are a few files with NIS that must be in sync on all machines. If 
for instance there is a different password for a user on any box or the 
users are in a different order NIS will fail. I'm actually trying to 
learn how to use LDAP as an NIS replacment as it it suppose to work 
better with M$ Windows (kids run half the time) and portable computers 
(my wife notebook). No "rsync" to keep logon same across all boxes and 
only one file to maintain.
As for NFS you do just mount it through fstab. However, anything in your 
client /home will be inaccessible so move anything you have there you 
need to access to a temporary place or back it up before mounting the 
NFS partition as /home.

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