JJ Neff jjneff at
Thu Nov 29 22:26:52 EST 2001

I setup Mandrake 8.1 on my Old NT server and would like to use Linux
exclusively.  To that end I want to dual boot my Gaming machine to Linux.  I
added a HD and some other hardware and it all works under Windows.  Now I want
to install Linux.  I also want to use NIS and NFS so that I can keep one
Name/password and map my Home drive to the Server just Like I used to under NT

I set up NIS server according to MUO (Mandrake Users instructions) and am not
sure if I have to create a user in the NIS password database that is seperate
from my Local logon user (on server) also how do I get the Home drive on my
server mounted on my workstation (I already added /home/jjneff(rw) to my
/etc/exports) I assume I just mount it from FSTAB on my client machine.  But
then how do I do this at install time to point to that spot or do I redo the
link after installing.  Tips from real world admins?


PS I saw that NIS was an option to logon when doing the install but again not
sure what Name/passwrd DB it uses...

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