JJ Neff jjneff at
Fri Nov 30 15:11:08 EST 2001

Whether it is NIS or LDAP, what I am trying to accomplish is one name and
password, no matter what system I log onto on my netowork.  In the Domain
Scheme (which I am more familiar with) I can logon with jjneff/password on any
machine in the domain and certain things will be the same, and I only have to
update(track) my name/password combo in one place (PDC)  How are people out "in
the word doing it right now"  Is there a one name/password for whole netowrk

Ideas, web-pages, examples welcome...

--- "Robert F. Stockdale IV" <javabob at> wrote:
> JJ Neff wrote:
> >I setup Mandrake 8.1 on my Old NT server and would like to use Linux
> >exclusively.  To that end I want to dual boot my Gaming machine to Linux.  I
> >added a HD and some other hardware and it all works under Windows.  Now I
> want
> >to install Linux.  I also want to use NIS and NFS so that I can keep one
> >Name/password and map my Home drive to the Server just Like I used to under
> NT
> >domain.
> >
> >I set up NIS server according to MUO (Mandrake Users instructions) and am
> not
> >sure if I have to create a user in the NIS password database that is
> seperate
> >from my Local logon user (on server) also how do I get the Home drive on my
> >server mounted on my workstation (I already added /home/jjneff(rw) to my
> >/etc/exports) I assume I just mount it from FSTAB on my client machine.  But
> >then how do I do this at install time to point to that spot or do I redo the
> >link after installing.  Tips from real world admins?
> >
> >JJN
> >
> >PS I saw that NIS was an option to logon when doing the install but again
> not
> >sure what Name/passwrd DB it uses...
> >
> >
> >
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> There are a few files with NIS that must be in sync on all machines. If 
> for instance there is a different password for a user on any box or the 
> users are in a different order NIS will fail. I'm actually trying to 
> learn how to use LDAP as an NIS replacment as it it suppose to work 
> better with M$ Windows (kids run half the time) and portable computers 
> (my wife notebook). No "rsync" to keep logon same across all boxes and 
> only one file to maintain.
> As for NFS you do just mount it through fstab. However, anything in your 
> client /home will be inaccessible so move anything you have there you 
> need to access to a temporary place or back it up before mounting the 
> NFS partition as /home.

Do You Yahoo!?
Yahoo! GeoCities - quick and easy web site hosting, just $8.95/month.

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