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Robert Dege rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Mon Nov 19 13:13:19 EST 2001

> Has anyone used or installed the new 7.2 Redhat Linux yet. I was going
> to upgrade mine to 7.2 because I am running 7.1 and was wondering if it

So far I've installed 3 systems with 7.2, and upgraded one system from
7.1 to 7.2.  The only complaint that I have is a kernel issue.  SO as long
as long as you don't recompile your kernel you shouldn't have anything to
worry about.

Redhat already has a few rpm updates for 7.2.

> is easy to install and if it has plugins already built-in for Netscape.
> usually I do a custom install for 7.1 and it works great. Any install

Wasn't paying attention.  Ever since Netscape 6.2 came out, I've been
using that instead.  Finally, Netscape released a version of their 6.x
browser with stability & balls for performance.


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