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Mon Nov 19 13:48:03 EST 2001

The stock redhat 7.2 kernel is heavily modded, however you can get by
just fine (albeit a few error messages) after recompiling a new 2.4.14..

I patched to include ext3 support, and also noticed quite a few
networking features need to be included (I don't remember the details)..
I'm running error free. I noticed that if you want to run 95/98/nt/2000
apps under X, there are some wine features missing that redhat patched
in their custom kernel.

A friend just did an rpm update of the kernel on a 7.2 and it went
without a hitch. I think that's Scary :)

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Has anyone used or installed the new 7.2 Redhat Linux yet. I was going
to upgrade mine to 7.2 because I am running 7.1 and was wondering if it
is easy to install and if it has plugins already built-in for Netscape.
usually I do a custom install for 7.1 and it works great. Any install
tips for duell boot with Windows please let me know.  Has anyone heard
of LinDows? It is Linux based and you will be able to run Linux and
Windows Apps on same OS. Has anyone tried it yet?


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