[nflug] 64 bit edumacation

David J. Andruczyk djandruczyk at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 08:17:47 EST 2008

64 bit edumacation

OK, here goes.  Just because your CPU is 64 bit capable DOES NOT MEAN you should run a 64 Bit OS.

Reasons to run a 64 bit OS:
     You have more that 4 GB of RAM and need to address all of it without using PAE (Page Address Extension)
     You need VERY large virtual memory ranges (large databases/datasets)
     You like to suffer...  (optional)

If you do NOT have 4 GB of RAM and/or are not running a very large database then running a 64 bit OS is POINTLESS.  You end up causing more problems for yourself when you try and run apps that are not avail in 64 bit  or perform extra poorly(i.e. flash, wine, etc)
64 bit CPU's can run 32 bit linux just fine,  ask anyone with a Core2 CPU (which is 64 bit (most/all of them). 

Save yourself the pain and just use the 32 bit flavor of linux.

-- David J. Andruczyk

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I seem to have several problems with my computer since the last upgrade. When I boot up or restart X and login I get an error message that HAL could not be started. I fired up synaptic and it kills and upgrade attempt with the error message:

E: /var/cache/apt/archives/hal_0.5.9.1-6ubuntu5_amd64.deb: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 2

I then decide to remove HAL so I can do a fresh install of it and I get this error message

E: hal: Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should

However, it ends there and does not tell me what to do.

I've tried all the usual such as 

      apt-get -f  install

      synaptic fix broken packages

nothing helps. What do I need to do to resolve this, short of a reinstall from CD or DVD. This is a Gutsy 7.10 on an AMD 64 system with 2 Gig RAM and 500Gig SATA HD.

Thanl you,


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