[nflug] Why...Just...Why...

frank frankpirrone at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 18:26:43 EST 2008

Jon Skulski wrote:
> JLC (jerry lee cooper) has a lot of great points and is very
> knowledgable on the subject of computer machines. I like to read this
> guys blog, it's the only RSS feed i have in Outlook.
> I mean, these linux guys think they can make a whole computer talk
> without windows? i mean without windows how can you networking for
> example, or on the internet for crying out loud!
Right on Jon!  The man's a god and well worth the feed.  My only fear is 
that it's all just a joke.  I keep reading his postings looking for some 
pattern, some inconsistency - anything that might suggest he's got his 
tongue stuck in his cheek - but it all seems so true, so plausable...


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