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JJ Neff jjneff at
Thu Sep 27 15:54:55 EDT 2001

1. The meetings are held the third Sunday of the month from 1-3pm, unless a
major event or holiday conflicts.  
All are invited and no registration for meetings is necessary.  If you have
something in particular you want to do or see then address it here, in the
mailing list, and we can discuss it.

2. Can you bypass the proxy and create a direct link to the Net?  If so try
another apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade.

After that if you can't connect to the proxy then it's probably your ability to
connect to the proxy (I had similar problmes a while back with Debian behind my
firewall and MS proxy)  I had to use a very particular http_proxy to get it to
work.  Basically if text based web browsers can connect you are good.  Try the
text based browsers forst they can often ask for a password and username that
you can then use in the http_proxy string.


--- Jeff Blank <jblank at> wrote:
> Hi all.
> My name is Jeff Blank.  I have two questions:
> 1. When is the next meeting and do I just show up or do I need to register 
> somehow?
> 2. My linux question....I recently installed Progeny (Debian) linux on my 
> machine at home (dual P3-450, 256 meg ram, tyan mb 9gig and 5 gig hd) and 
> everything worked fine.  I then apt-get dist-upgraded  to Sid and my 
> network card and settings bombed on me.  I used the ethernet howto to get 
> the ethernet card back up and then made sure I had the right settings in 
> the network interfaces conf file.  I can ping the proxy server and my 
> computer successfully but when I use http_proxy to apt-get or try to 
> connect to the internet through the proxy server in KDE (konqueror) with 
> the proxy settings it can't find the proxy server.  I know the proxy server 
> is functional because I can access it from Windows on my machine.  Is there 
> anywhere I can go to get more info on network settings?  I tried the net 
> howto but it didn't seem to help to much, maybe I missed something 
> there...   Any and all help would be greatly appreciated...  thanks
> p.s.  my proxy server is on my wifes win98 machine and is analogx proxy, a 
> simple and free proxy server for windows.
> Thanks
> Jeff Blank
> DiDonato Associates, PE, PC
> Project 

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