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Jeff Blank jblank at
Wed Sep 26 10:39:32 EDT 2001

Hi all.

My name is Jeff Blank.  I have two questions:
1. When is the next meeting and do I just show up or do I need to register 
2. My linux question....I recently installed Progeny (Debian) linux on my 
machine at home (dual P3-450, 256 meg ram, tyan mb 9gig and 5 gig hd) and 
everything worked fine.  I then apt-get dist-upgraded  to Sid and my 
network card and settings bombed on me.  I used the ethernet howto to get 
the ethernet card back up and then made sure I had the right settings in 
the network interfaces conf file.  I can ping the proxy server and my 
computer successfully but when I use http_proxy to apt-get or try to 
connect to the internet through the proxy server in KDE (konqueror) with 
the proxy settings it can't find the proxy server.  I know the proxy server 
is functional because I can access it from Windows on my machine.  Is there 
anywhere I can go to get more info on network settings?  I tried the net 
howto but it didn't seem to help to much, maybe I missed something 
there...   Any and all help would be greatly appreciated...  thanks

p.s.  my proxy server is on my wifes win98 machine and is analogx proxy, a 
simple and free proxy server for windows.


Jeff Blank
DiDonato Associates, PE, PC

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