More on NTFS from 2.2.17

Robert Meyer meyer_rm at
Thu Sep 13 15:28:08 EDT 2001

According to the '' file in /usr/src/linux/Documentation:

NTFS read-write support (DANGEROUS)
  If you say Y here, you will (maybe) be able to write to NTFS file
  systems as well as read from them. The read-write support in
  NTFS is far from being complete and is not well tested. If you
  enable this, back up your NTFS volume first since it may get
  damaged. Also, make sure to run chkdsk from within Microsoft
  Windows NT after having performed any writes to a NTFS partition
  from Linux to detect any problems as early as possible.
  Please note that write support is limited to Windows NT4 and
  earlier versions.
  If unsure, say N.                                                            

Remember that this is for 2.2.27.  I don't have a 2.4.anything kernel source


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