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Well, according to the source code for the kernel in
/usr/src/linux/fs/ntfs/fs.c, you can enable CONFIG_NTFS_RW which allows writes
to the NTFS file system.  I suspect that this may be experimental at this point
but the code appears to be in the driver.  By the way, this is in kernel
2.2.17. I'll bet it's better in 2.4.8.  I have no idea if Mandrake's default
kernels have CONFIG_NTFS_RW enabled.


Bob Meyer
--- Cyber Source <peter at thecybersource.com> wrote:
> Does anyone out there know how or whether it is possible to mount an NTFS
> partition WITH WRITE permissions on a Linux box. I can mount the partition
> and copy FROM the partition but I cannot write to it. I have asked a few
> people on mandrakeexpert.com and all have responded that this cannot be done
> as of yet. They however, do not know the NFLUG guru's that well. Tell me
> someone that this is not so!
> peter at thecybersource.com

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