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Ronald K. Wechter sysad3_buff at cnrc.navy.mil
Fri Mar 16 09:17:00 EST 2001

There are a few commercial mapping programs here at the Navy Recruiting
Office.  Ill see if I can pull a detailed map of buffalo -- Seeing that the
Statler Towers is pretty much a Straight Drive from the 33, do you want a
full view of Buffalo, or just enough for someone to get to the meeting

Ronald K. Wechter
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i've been trying to find a decient map of that area of downtown but i
haven't reallt had much luck. i have 2 at home, one from maps.yahoo.com
and the second from maps.com. the yahoo picture is likely the one that
i'll use, there both just not what i've been looking for. if anyone
would like to take up the hunt for "the right map" please, feel free to

Cyber Source wrote:
>  A hyperlink would have been nice too, with a link to an actual map. But
> was nice enough for Darin to update the site I say. Thanks Darin, see you
> Sunday.

Darin Perusich
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