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Hey Bob,
  Thanks for the reply, I tried emailing the guy at Coyote
(wecoyote at and his email\domain is down. On one of the
sites, it said that he would send a configured copy upon request, but I
havent been able to send him a request. When I log in as root, i get a very
simple menu. I am not sure how to do much past that point. Do you suppose I
could get a copy of yours or maybe you could guide me through its setup. As
in ip allocations, ethernet cards being recognized, etc. ?

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> Hello All,
>   I was just wondering this morning if this mail list had stopped or if I
> had become removed or something because I havent had any mail from this in
> while, especially about last Sunday, which I apparently missed and would
> have really enjoyed the Font topic, anyway, I have been majorly busy
> scrambling to reconfigure my networks here as my current SDSL provider of
> months is pulling out of the area. Luckily there is a provider taking over
> for them but with new IP allocations and my router that cost $700 will not
> work with there DSLAM. So as is becoming a practice, I have been turning
> Linux for help. I have downloaded and made a boot disk with the Linux
> Project version 2.9.8 and have it up and running, completely running off
> from a floppy, NO HDD NEEDED! Anyway, after searching all over on the net,
> have found nothing in respect to how to configure and use this. I am not
> that savvy in configuring a router in the first place but the one that I
> have, was pretty simple. Does anyone have any experience in this? If so
> you think you might be able to help, I could explain my IP config's,etc.
> What a great way to use that 486!(I currently have it on a p166). Any help
> as always would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks, peter at

Well, I've been using the Coyote router project stuff and it has a
that builds the initial floppy after asking a few questions.  After it's
running, you can tweak some of the stuff from the 'lrcfg' program that's
when you log in as root.  I think that the linux router project stuff has a
configuration tool, too.  If you log in to the router as 'root', what do you

By the way, I have a customer with two LRP boxes running a VPN between them.
The reason that I can't remember how to configure them is because I haven't
to touch them since they were installed many months ago :-)



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