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Thanks for the info -- This sounds like the same thing that InterNIC is
doing -  They are selling their registered users information out oo.
This seems to be the going thing.  

I guess this is how companies get blood from a stone in a time of need

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hello all,

anyone that is using micro$ofts hotmail email service should pay close
attention to this, i strongly recommend reading there license in it's
entirety. basicly what it says it that any information that passes
through there services they can use at there discretion. if your company
is send info to any M$ email address i'd reconsider.

exert from the license.


By posting messages, uploading files, inputting data, submitting any
feedback or suggestions, or engaging in any other form of communication
with or through the Passport Web Site, you warrant and represent that
you own or otherwise control the rights necessary to do so and you are
granting Microsoft and its affiliated companies permission to:

1.Use, modify, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly
perform, reproduce, publish, sublicense, create derivative works from,
transfer, or sell any such communication.

2.Sublicense to third parties the unrestricted right to exercise any of
the foregoing rights granted with respect to the communication.

3.Publish your name in connection with any such communication. 

The foregoing grants shall include the right to exploit any proprietary
rights in such communication,  including but not limited to rights under
copyright, trademark, service mark or patent laws under any relevant
jurisdiction. No compensation will be paid with respect to Microsoft's
use of the materials contained within such communication. Microsoft is
under no obligation to post or use any materials you may provide and may
remove such materials at any time in Microsoft's sole discretion.

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