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Documentation for GTK.  Learn C or C++, use gcc, Glade is a User Interface Builder.  Forget VB and learn.  C/C++ can create VB, FORTRAN, Lisp, Java, etc.  Let alone many of the other apps you run, including Linux!  The good side is that if you have source code, then you should be able to locate the code and delete that part and re-make.

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Subject: [nflug] gtk2 window
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Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 8:55 AM

Greetings, I've done some projects with visual basic and need to turn my 
direction toward gtk windows, I have never modified a gtk window.

All I want to do is remove a Yes button from a window... can anyone tell 
me how to go about getting started?

THank you much,
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