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In a M$ network, they are still needed (despite what billg and monkey dance boy will tell you).

It depends on what you are using for DHCP as to the specifics, but when you set up the DHCP options, option 044 is the WINS/NBNS server to get passed out  via DHCP.  Make sure you also specify option 046, WINS/NBNS Node type of 0x8 (hybrid) so that the WINS server is queried by your clients first, rather than last (0x8 is "hybrid", so it will query the WINS server for an address, then look in LMHOSTS, then send a broadcast.. or lmhosts then WINS... no matter, hybrid does the broadcast last, which is the important point)

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I'd begin with why would be want a WINS server on the network.

Robert Wolfe wrote:
> Good morning all!
> I have the following request from our networking guy this morning and
> not quite sure where to begin:
> Add a WINS server to one of our DNS server so that when Windows clients
> connect, the WINS server IP is obtained along with the IP and DNS server
> (most likely using DHCP I am assuming).
> If anyone could provide me a starting place or a link with instructions
> as to how to go about setting up our DHCP (I believe that is what I need
> to configure) server so that it also hands out the address of our WINS
> server, that would be most appreciated.
> Thanks!
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