[nflug] AMD64 Debian 'Etch' Stability

Robert Wolfe robertwolfe at localnet.com
Fri May 23 08:26:36 EDT 2008

Good morning all!

I was wondering what some folks' thoughts were on the stability of the AMD64 version of Debian Etch are?  I have been wanting to push the use of the 64-bit version on our higher-end servers here at work (have a bunch of new AMD64-based servers that have dual quad-core Xeons in them with 16GB of RAM that act as our VMWare Server servers).  I know of at least one person that claims that the 64-bit version of Debian is not stable enough to run as a server OS. 

Could someone confirm or not whether this is true?


Robert Wolfe <robertwolfe at localnet.com>

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