[nflug] I am windows inept

Eric Benoit eric at bootz.us
Thu Jul 3 08:38:30 EDT 2008

yes my machines are automatically created in the domain, when I look in 
user profiles under system properties->advanced->user profiles - 
settings on the winxp machine, I see ubuntu\eric     Type=Roaming  

I also have winxp\administrator    Type=local Status=local

so when I go to another machine and add it will I see the same thing or 
do I have to add users to the machine? If I have to add users to the 
machine is there an easier way than adding 200 users to 150 machines?

Darin Perusich wrote:
> All of your machines should be added to the domain, it's the reason 
> for centralizing users, groups, etc. Adding machines to the domain 
> should be part of the installation/setup process and is easily 
> scripted if you're doing auto-installs.
> Is user 'eric' a domain user? When you login on the workstation are 
> you authenticating to the domain? Is there a local user on this 
> workstation called 'eric'?
> eric wrote:
>> ok yes.
>> Lets say I log into my domain called "ubuntu" with user "eric", I'm 
>> not necessarily a roaming user however the machine is logged into the 
>> domain with it said machine name "winxp" for example.
>> Gathering what you said I should always create roaming users... but 
>> what about adding a machine to the domain when would that be 
>> necessary... or is it impossible to have roaming users on a machine 
>> that was not added to a domain?
>> thank you please keep going  :)
>> Darin Perusich wrote:
>>> When you say "machines with users" I'm going to assume that you mean 
>>> local accounts on said workstation/laptop, and by "roaming users" 
>>> network/domain users.
>>> IMHO in a networked environment where you have a domain controller 
>>> there is almost never any reason for local user accounts with the 
>>> exception of administrative accounts or local account which can 
>>> perform admin tasks in the event the network user repository is 
>>> unavailable. On Windows once you login to the system your domain 
>>> username and password are cached temporarily which allows you to 
>>> logoff, take the machine off-site and login with the domain account. 
>>> You can do the same on Linux if you have certain pam modules installed.
>>> Eric Benoit wrote:
>>>> Hi I configured an LDAP-Samba ADS which works perfectly now, except 
>>>> I don't know that much about Windows and methods of configuring 
>>>> workstations/users...
>>>> I have my smb/ldap automatically adding machines when I 
>>>> authenticate as admin and can add roaming users as well, but my 
>>>> issue is I don't know if both can be the same...
>>>> can a roaming user be apart of a machine... this doesn't seem 
>>>> likely to me because they are both users in smb/ldap
>>>> if this is true then my question would be..
>>>> when should I use roaming users and when should I use machines with 
>>>> users
>>>> I would love to read something about this, but all the 
>>>> documentation I can find is weighted towards setting up samba and 
>>>> LDAP.
>>>> Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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