[nflug] virtual box and XP - hmmm

eric eric at bootz.us
Wed Sep 19 07:38:00 EDT 2007

:) I know M$ likes to keep secrets... it's how they make the cache or 
should I say spy on your cache

Daniel V wrote:
> --- eric <eric at bootz.us> wrote:
> This morning I kept getting this error when I was
> trying to start my XP on VirtualBox, I wasn't sure if
> it was XP or the VirtualBox program so I tried to
> start my Centos on VirtualBox and it worked... So I
> remebered 
> last night disconnecting my scanner which is USB and
> available for the XP VirtualBox... long story short I
> turned off USB setting for the XP  Box and regenerated
> a new Mac Address... I should have tried one at a time
> to trouble shoot properly, but I did both at the same
> time ...now I don't know which of these worked??  Does
> anyone have an idea of which might have worked? The
> windows event logs were useless and as I understand
> the below VirtualBox log is just stating that Windows 
>                                           ^^^^^^^
> wouldn't start? ...
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Isn't that a feature ? ;-)
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