[nflug] Fedora 7 to 8 upgrade woes

Frank Pirrone frankpirrone at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 00:24:25 EST 2007

Daniel V wrote:
> I like RedHat GNU/Linux a lot. I was wary of Fedora a
> while back when it wouldn't see my firewire external
> drives. I switched to CentOs (Enterprise Red Hat
> without the branding/logos/support). Fedora is
> cutting-edge, but I don't want those head-aches... I
> just want to manage my home network and geek out, not
> deal with alpha/beta-testing stuff... I'm not knocking
> Fedora, I tried the lastest Fedora 8, but I need
> stability in a system.
> Of course, dealing with CentOS 5 presents challenges
> of its own, if you're going to compile your own
> programs and especially if you want to use new
> versions of Gimp, etc.
> It's good to try the different distros, but who has
> the time to do hard drive installs ?
> later,
> Daniel

I resurrected an old computer for my neighbor and dropped the latest 
PCLinuxOS on it.  Very impressive.  Utterly expected behaviors for 
everything, most appealing appearance, and recognized everything.

I was a long time RH/Fedora user but the latest upgrade on this Dell 470 
SMP Workstation is Sabayon 64-bit, and it's a fine piece of work. 

Your point about uninformed experimentation with distros is well taken, 
but some real cream has risen to the top lately, and there's tremendous 
performance and functionality out there with very little uncertainty 
about the outcome - especially with live CD-ROM/DVD versions.


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