[nflug] Buffalo Community Wireless Network

Robert Wolfe rwolfe at shatterit.com
Fri May 11 00:11:40 EDT 2007

Justin and everyone else on the listing, you may want to check out 
http://www.buffalowifi.org.  It's a pretty cool free community wireless 
network here in Buffalo that pretty much has access points in most 
places here in town.  I know that there is also an offshoot of that 
project in Lancaster as well.

Justin S. Leitgeb wrote:
> Hi all,
> Recently I've been interested in developments in the world of 
> community wireless networking.  Certain grass-roots efforts in cities 
> like Portland and Seattle have put together wireless networks that 
> have lots of benefits over other commercial offerings, both 
> technically and socially.  These groups have recently been 
> acknowledged for helping to increase community awareness of 
> technology, while helping to provide widely available, reliable, cheap 
> (or free) internet, and with helping to reduce the "digital divide."  
> They also depend on Open Source software, including Linux, that many 
> in this group are passionate about.
> After studying the efforts of groups like PersonalTelco (Portland) and 
> Seattle Wireless, I decided to see if I could drum up support for a 
> community wireless network in Buffalo.  Today I put up a wiki-based 
> web site at http://www.buffalowireless.org and set up a list serve as 
> a starting point for collaboration on this project.
> I hope that many from this group are interested in jumping in to help 
> or to learn more about how community wireless networks are set up.  
> After my own period of research on these groups, I am enthusiastic 
> about contributing to a project that I believe will be beneficial for 
> the Buffalo area and the broader Open Source community.
> If you're interested in finding out more, check out and/or modify the 
> web site at http://www.buffalowireless.org and join the list serve 
> linked on that page.  Otherwise, feel free to respond with questions 
> or comments on this list or in a personal email to me.
> Thanks!
> Justin S. Leitgeb
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