[nflug] Ati Googleearth

Cyber Source peter at thecybersource.com
Fri Aug 17 07:42:04 EDT 2007

Which driver are you using, ati or aiglx?

anthonyriga wrote:
> Last year I setup Ubuntu for my stepfather with
> GoogleEarth and I remember it took me alot of time
> getting 3d enabled so Google Earth didnt hang on the
> splash screen. He did upgrade to 7.04 that went fine
> but blew away the Ati stuff for google earth to work.
> The Ati card is integrated on the mobo radeon xpress
> 200. I have downloaded the latest drivers from AMD
> site but still cant seem to get it to work it just
> hangs on the splash screen when it starts.
> Unfortuntatly when I set it up the first time I think
> it was just luck that I got it to work. Any
> suggestions to setting this up or fixing the problem.
> I see alot of ati issues but no solutions! I use
> Nvidia at home but I am here in Tampa trying to get
> his to work while im here. Suggestions? 
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