[nflug] Sleep mode

K O wpos2 at roadrunner.com
Tue Aug 14 22:40:32 EDT 2007

Assuming that you are running GNOME, the applet that you want is 
probably under System|Preferences|Keyboard shortcuts.  (On my system, 
the keyboard shortcut configurator is under 
System|Preferences|Personal|Keyboard shortcuts.)  One of the items in 
the left column should be something that says something like "sleep 
mode."  Select that, then press the key that you want to use to make 
that happen.  The column that states what the shortcut will probably be 
a bit cryptic if you're not using CTRL + something or ALT + something 
for that entry.

I'm pretty confident that this will work with most physical keyboards, 
tho it may not work with your setup, especially if you want to use a key 
that traditionally doesn't appear on a keyboard: depending on how the 
system recognizes your keyboard.

There's probably some similar mechanism under KDE to assign keystrokes 
to events.

ron browning pisze:
> My wife's keyboard had a special key that would put the computer to 
> sleep mode.  I tried several Web searches and found noting.  Any one 
> know a sequence I can hot-key?
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