[nflug] Slax

eric at bootz.us eric at bootz.us
Thu Aug 2 22:02:59 EDT 2007

Hi, I'm using a Slax live cd I must have got from one of the meetings,  
and I am trying to mount an entire LVM ext3 six scsi drives to save my  
stuff, but I really dont now how to do this, I know how to mount a  
single drive, but not all of them at once to create the LVM

I thought one of my SCSI drives died ~gasp~ but I had a backup machine  
and put the scsi drive in the backup machine, and all the scsi drives  
worked great (it was my scsi board that malfunctioned)... however in  
my very poor attempts to try and ~ recover my data off the "so called"  
bad scsi drive I made some serious boo boos, rendering my terminal  
useless or gone, my gnome starts great ...I have a gui interface but  
with no cli and I need cli to run dhclient so I can get a eth0 running  
and then send my data to a safer place.

So, back to my question can I mount 6 scsi configured using LVM/ext3  
drives under slax live cd?

Thank you very much for your input and help, thank you

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