Great Deal on IBM Optical Mouse and Soyo Dragon Keyboard Set

green_man green_man at
Mon Sep 20 17:26:05 EDT 2004

Frank Kumro wrote, On 09/20/04 2:46 PM:

>Well I was looking for some nice deals on an optical mouse since I
>need a new one at work (UB is cheap) and I found that on tiger direct
>you can get a free IBM optical 4 button mouse. This however is with a
>mail in rebate and I also found that you can get a soyo dragon
>keyboard set for free (also mail in rebate). I picked up both and it
>totaled $55.16 and subtract the rebates it comes to $10.18 just for
>shipping. Not bad for 2 optical mice and a nice keyboard.
>IBM Mouse
>Soyo Keyboard/Mouse set
>Also the IBM mouse does have an expiration date of the 22nd so make
>sure if you plan on purchasing it that you do so before the 22nd to
>get the rebate.
Do all those Multimedia, Internet, and extra Hotkeys on the keyboard 
work in Linux too, or are they just an added hook for those of us who 
can't seem to let go of Windows ?

The sole purpose of my life is, apparently, to test my sanity. 

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