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  Thats what I complained about a while back too. I use Mozilla on winblows and I dont have that problem on seems sometimes with Linux after doing an upgrade to a newer version of Mozilla..  

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Hello All,
  I know some of you have complained about the new Mozilla firing up the 
profile manager if another instance of Mozilla is started. This started 
really annoying me when someone would send me a link in an im and that 
damn profile manager would pop up. So, I stumble across an idea that 
someone had and fine tuned it for a cure to this. I made a script that 
can be used to invoke Mozilla that 10 seconds after it is started, 
removes the lock file that will invoke the profile manager if another 
instance of Mozilla is started. Long story short, download the script 
from my website at (it's called 
Mozilla Disable Profile Manager Script). As root, mv your 
/usr/bin/mozilla file to /usr/bin/oldmozilla. Rename this script file 
and call it mozilla. Put this file in /usr/bin. Now whenever mozilla is 
started, it will remove that lock file in 10 seconds in the users 
.mozilla folder. This can also be altered to work with FireFox. Good Luck.

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