vmware offer as it affects nflug - RFC

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Sun Feb 8 23:41:09 EST 2004


I have taken care to explain this issue carefully.  *Please* read the 
whole thing before responding.  We're all friends here and I intend to 
keep it that way.

I recently received an email offer (See two emails quoted below) on 
another lug list.  I had already decided to purchase vmware so I could 
run Dragon Naturally Speaking 7.0 (and several other applications) under 
XP and still do the rest of my work in Linux.

In order to make sure I received the discount, I had several email and 
phone conversations with vmware.  It's a real offer.
In these conversations, I represented myself as a long term member of 
two lugs (nflug and wnclug).  I did *not* represent myself as 
"president" or as anything other than a member.

I purchased the boxed  product and have received it.  (I wanted the 
printed manual.)

Shortly after receiving the boxed product, I received another 
(unsolicited) email from vmware that basically stated that as a lug 
"president" (and for coordinating rebates for other members), I was 
entitled to a free downloaded version of the software.  The email 
contained  a download key to make it work.

Again, I did *not* represent myself as a representative of any lug in 
any way.

I have *not* yet downloaded the the software (the additional free copy).

I could really use the software as I have two computers (with separate 
users) I need to run it on.

I would be happy to coordinate rebates for anyone else in nflug who 
wants to take advantage of this offer.

Since nflug has no officers and we seem to like it that way, it does not 
seem unreasonable for me to *offer* to do this.

I do not want to "take advantage" of the group or get anyone angry, so I 
am requesting your feedback on this matter.
However, since the offer is good for the 1st 1000 orders, I need to take 
some action to assure my discount (on my original order) in the next few 

If I do not receive any feedback with differing opinions in the next few 
days, I will proceed to download and register the additional copy.

Please let me know what you all think about this.  I really want the 
software, but I value your friendship and support much more highly.
So, if there are any issues with this, let's talk it over and work it 
out in a friendly manner.


>The following announcement is brought to you as the listed contact
>for a Linux User Group at Linux Online.  If you are not associated
>with a LUG or wish to have another address listed, please send an
>email to webmaster at linux.org to change your entry.
>VMware is pleased to announce a special program for the benefit
>of LUG presidents and members.
>For a limited time, we would like to give LUG members a $100 rebate
>on VMware Workstation.
>What Is VMware Workstation?
>VMware Workstation runs multiple operating systems -- including
>Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Novell NetWare -- simultaneously on a
>single PC in fully networked, portable virtual machines.
>For more information on VMware Workstation, go to:
>For more information on how to get your $100 rebate, go to:
>Questions?  Contact us at lug at vmware.com
>Best Regards,
>The VMware Team
>WNCLUG mailing list
>WNCLUG at main.nc.us

> Hello Luggers,
>   By now you may have received a post/invite from vmware to spend 
> some$$ on their workstation version but possible get a $100 rebate 
> (regardless of where you purchase)   I think it is a bonafide quid pro 
> quo contact and not pure spam.
> 1. The offer is a $100 rebate for only the 1st 1000 purchases. some 
> members of this list may be seriously considering getting VMware, so 
> no point in delaying the post of this offer.
> 2. It applies to any lug member for LUGs listed at linux.org 
> ...presumably linux.org is getting a small cut for being the conduit 
> of info .
> 3. A member status must be verified BEFORE requesting the rebate....by 
> the "president" or other "contact"  who is able to identify that a 
> given person is a lug member ...for us a member is anyone on our mail 
> list.
> 4. For that duty of "authentication" ...the "prez" gets a free 
> Workstation copy.  
> Here is the description of "prez" role and the bribe that is offered:
> https://www.vmware.com/lugprex/lugPrez_login.jsp
> 5.    I suppose that the "prez" should send at least a few addresses 
> to vmware in advance  to prove that someone is doing that duty.  There 
> is no need to send the entire lug maillist. 
> 6.   I volunteer to be one of those named as anticipating to register 
> for the rebate ...if there are a few more interested , let Kris know, 
> so a small subset can be listed. AFAIK this  action is what 
> authenticates  a defacto contact ("prez") at vmware world headquarters. 

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