Mozilla just quits

Joe josephj at
Sun Feb 8 21:55:35 EST 2004

Not exactly, but since I switched from 1.3 to 1.5 I have noticed that 
occasionally when I'm using it or trying to start it, it will just go 
away.  No muss, no fuss, just gone.  It can be the browser or 
messenger.  Once in a while, I have to log out my user and log back in 
(restarts kde, etc.) to get it back, but usually it just restarts for me 
when I click on it again.


green_man wrote:

>I'm running Moz 1.5 on Knoppix, and if I go do something on another desktop 
>for a while, Moz just "closes". 
>It disappears from the desktop and toolbar - just gone. 
>The modem connection is still there and functional. If I open it again, 
>History is intact. 
>Has anybody else ever experienced this ?

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