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Darin Perusich Darin.Perusich at
Wed Nov 5 08:19:29 EST 2003

before you go any further DO NOT make any writes to the 
filesystem/partition that you are trying to recover. it would be best to 
mount it read-only, mount -o ro,remount /filesystem.

professional data recovery services are expensive and can range from 
$1000 to $5000+ dollars. i had the drive in a laptop crash like 2 years 
ago and i sent it to one of these companies, the laptop belonged to the 
president's of my company and he didn't think it was necessary to backup 
files. we paid like $3500 to pull the data off of it. basicly the more 
data you want restored the more $$$.

undelete program.

this howto works, i tried it out like 3 years ago to recover some data 
that an employee removed from a machine.

Jeffrey Blank, P.E. wrote:
> Hi all... I am looking for some help/recommendations...   I kinda 
> FUBARed my wife's computer over the weekend...  Here's the story:
> I was working on my machine (gentoo linux) and looking to move some work 
> files to my wifes computer (Win98) for work (I need to use AUTOCAD).  I 
> created a link in xffm (xfce4 filemanager) and then tried to delete it.  
> It deleted my wifes entire 'E:' drive with all of the pictures of our 
> daughter from her birth a year and a half ago.  I don't have any good 
> backups...  Well in my rush to fix the problem, I grabbed an undelete 
> program from the web and went to town..  It ended up copying the deleted 
> files to the E: drive, the one with the deleted files.  I was only able 
> to get back about a third of the pics.  Running norton unerase gives me 
> nothing now.
> What I am looking for is any recomendations of someone who might be able 
> to perform more of a low level recovery and what the costs might be.  My 
> wife is ready to kill me!!!!  Thanks for any and all help.....
> Jeff (Longtime lurker, rare poster...)

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