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Sun Jun 15 19:52:49 EDT 2003

This is from trying to convert the pic with the convert from

[peter at Office peter]$ convert DCP01047.fpx pic.jpg
convert: FPX library is not available (DCP01047.fpx).
convert: Missing an image file name.

This is from the command showing the file formats I should be able to

[peter at Office peter]$ convert -list format
   Format  Mode  Description
     8BIM*  rw-  Photoshop resource format
 8BIMTEXT*  rw-  Photoshop resource format
     APP1*  rw-  Raw application information
 APP1JPEG*  rw-  Raw JPEG binary data
      ART*  r--  PF1: 1st Publisher
      AVI*  r--  Audio/Visual Interleaved
      AVS*  rw+  AVS X image
      BIE*  rw-  Joint Bi-level Image experts Group interchange format
      BMP*  rw+  Microsoft Windows bitmap image
  CAPTION*  r--  Image caption
     CMYK*  rw+  Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, and black samples
    CMYKA*  rw+  Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and opacity samples
      CUT*  r--  DR Halo
      DCM*  r--  Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image
      DCX*  rw+  ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush
      DPS   r--  Display Postscript
      DPX*  rw+  Digital Moving Picture Exchange
     EPDF*  rw-  Encapsulated Portable Document Format
      EPI*  rw-  Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format
      EPS*  rw-  Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
     EPS2*  -w-  Adobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript
     EPS3*  -w+  Adobe Level III Encapsulated PostScript
     EPSF*  rw-  Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
     EPSI*  rw-  Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format
      EPT   rw-  Adobe Encapsulated PostScript with TIFF preview
      FAX*  rw+  Group 3 FAX
     FILE*  r--  Uniform Resource Locator
     FITS*  rw-  Flexible Image Transport System
      FPX*  rw-  FlashPix Format
  FRACTAL*  r--  Plasma fractal image
      FTP*  r--  Uniform Resource Locator
       G3*  rw-  Group 3 FAX
      GIF*  rw+  CompuServe graphics interchange format (LZW disabled)
    GIF87*  rw-  CompuServe graphics interchange format (version 87a)
 GRADIENT*  r--  Gradual passing from one shade to another
  GRANITE*  r--  Granite texture
     GRAY*  rw+  Raw gray samples
      HDF   rw+  Hierarchical Data Format
HISTOGRAM*  -w-  Histogram of the image
      HTM*  -w-  Hypertext Markup Language and a client-side image map
     HTML*  -w-  Hypertext Markup Language and a client-side image map
     HTTP*  r--  Uniform Resource Locator
      ICB*  rw+  Truevision Targa image
      ICM*  rw-  ICC Color Profile
      ICO*  r--  Microsoft icon
     ICON*  r--  Microsoft icon
     IPTC*  rw-  IPTC Newsphoto
      JBG*  rw+  Joint Bi-level Image experts Group interchange format
     JBIG*  rw+  Joint Bi-level Image experts Group interchange format
      JP2*  rw-  JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax
      JPC*  rw-  JPEG-2000 Code Stream Syntax
     JPEG*  rw-  Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format (62)
      JPG*  rw-  Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
    LABEL*  r--  Image label
     LOGO*  rw-  ImageMagick Logo
      M2V*  rw+  MPEG Video Stream
      MAP*  rw-  Colormap intensities and indices
      MAT*  r--  MATLAB image format
    MATTE*  -w+  MATTE format
     MIFF*  rw+  Magick Image File Format (5.4.7 with Zlib 1.1.4 and
      MNG*  rw+  Multiple-image Network Graphics (1.2.2)
     MONO*  rw-  Bi-level bitmap in least-significant-byte first order
      MPC*  rw+  Magick Persistent Cache image format
     MPEG*  rw+  MPEG Video Stream
      MPG*  rw+  MPEG Video Stream
      MPR*  rw-  Magick Persistent Registry
      MSL*  rw+  Magick Scripting Language
      MTV*  rw+  MTV Raytracing image format
      MVG*  rw-  Magick Vector Graphics
 NETSCAPE*  r--  Netscape 216 color cube
     NULL*  rw-  Constant image of uniform color
      OTB*  rw-  On-the-air bitmap
       P7*  rw+  Xv thumbnail format
      PAL*  rw-  16bit/pixel interleaved YUV
     PALM*  rw-  Palm pixmap
      PBM*  rw+  Portable bitmap format (black and white)
      PCD*  rw-  Photo CD
     PCDS*  rw-  Photo CD
      PCL*  -w-  Page Control Language
      PCT*  rw-  Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT
      PCX*  rw-  ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush
      PDB*  rw+  Palm Database ImageViewer Format
      PDF*  rw+  Portable Document Format
      PFA*  r--  TrueType font
      PFB*  r--  TrueType font
      PGM*  rw+  Portable graymap format (gray scale)
    PICON*  rw-  Personal Icon
     PICT*  rw-  Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT
      PIX*  r--  Alias/Wavefront RLE image format
   PLASMA*  r--  Plasma fractal image
       PM*  rw-  X Windows system pixmap (color)
      PNG*  rw-  Portable Network Graphics (1.2.2)
      PNM*  rw+  Portable anymap
      PPM*  rw+  Portable pixmap format (color)
  PREVIEW*  -w-  Show a preview an image enhancement, effect, or f/x
       PS*  rw+  Adobe PostScript
      PS2*  -w+  Adobe Level II PostScript
      PS3*  -w+  Adobe Level III PostScript
      PSD*  rw+  Adobe Photoshop bitmap
     PTIF*  rw-  Pyramid encoded TIFF
      PWP*  r--  Seattle Film Works
      RAS*  rw+  SUN Rasterfile
      RGB*  rw+  Raw red, green, and blue samples
     RGBA*  rw+  Raw red, green, blue, and matte samples
      RLA*  r--  Alias/Wavefront image
      RLE*  r--  Utah Run length encoded image
      SCT*  r--  Scitex HandShake
      SFW*  r--  Seattle Film Works
      SGI*  rw+  Irix RGB image
    SHTML*  -w-  Hypertext Markup Language and a client-side image map
  STEGANO*  r--  Steganographic image
      SUN*  rw+  SUN Rasterfile
      SVG*  rw+  Scalable Vector Gaphics (XML 2.4.23)
     TEXT*  rw+  Text
      TGA*  rw+  Truevision Targa image
      TIF*  rw+  Tagged Image File Format (42)
     TIFF*  rw+  Tagged Image File Format (42)
     TILE*  r--  Tile image with a texture
      TIM*  r--  PSX TIM
      TTF*  r--  TrueType font
      TXT*  rw+  Text
      UIL*  -w-  X-Motif UIL table
     UYVY*  rw-  16bit/pixel interleaved YUV
      VDA*  rw+  Truevision Targa image
    VICAR*  rw-  VICAR rasterfile format
      VID*  rw+  Visual Image Directory
     VIFF*  rw+  Khoros Visualization image
      VST*  rw+  Truevision Targa image
     WBMP*  rw-  Wireless Bitmap (level 0) image
      WPG*  r--  Word Perfect Graphics
        X*  rw-  X Image
      XBM*  rw-  X Windows system bitmap (black and white)
       XC*  r--  Constant image uniform color
      XCF*  r--  GIMP image
      XPM*  rw-  X Windows system pixmap (color)
       XV*  rw+  Khoros Visualization image
      XWD*  rw-  X Windows system window dump (color)
      YUV*  rw-  CCIR 601 4:1:1 or 4:2:2

* native blob support

This is the output of my /etc/ file;

/etc/ (END)

On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 19:18, Mark Musone wrote:

> Exactly what error is it showing about the library (copy and paste)
> And then, if you say that you listed it, also copy and paste the exact
> listing..
> Lastly, copy and paster your /etc/
> -Mark
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> Thanks, I downloaded that and installed it but does the same thing as
> ImageMagick did, can't read the fpx format. I know the file is ok
> cause I had to run back to winblows and fire up photodraw to view it
> and convert it, and i hate doing that crap
> On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 18:02, David Purucker wrote: 
> >
> >This is true, the convert option does work well however, I had one
> >problem I could never get past, I had pictures in .fpx format (kodak
> >flash point) and I could not convert those pics, it kept bitching about
> >the libraries not there but when I did the command to look for the
> >libraries, it listed it, any clues on that one anyone?
> >On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 10:08, Mark O. Kimball wrote:
> >Cyber Source <peter at>
> One program that handles .fpx format and over 400 other formats, is XnView,
> and it runs on just about any OS as well.  Also the Nconvert program from 
> the same
> author, is a command-line batch converter with the same 400+ format support.
> XnView & NConvert are provided as Freeware for private non-commercial, 
> educational use and non-profit organization.  It can be registered for 
> commercial use though, see the website.  <$30.00
> For windows users:
> Since ACDSee has become quite bloated lately, I generally recommend this 
> program to my
> Windows using friends, and it's free.
> Dave P.
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