Kppp discovery

David Mangani dmangani at
Tue Jun 3 19:48:35 EDT 2003

Thanks for the reply, it is a curiosity to me how this kppp behaves. The 
method you suggested is actually the way I put kppp on the desktop to begin 
with. ( Open kmenu, then drag it to the desktop ) . Once I do that a dialog 
box opens and allows me to "link here" or "copy here" I have tried creating 
the desktop Icon using both methods with the same result. My desktop locks 
up. As long as I click the Kmenu, scroll up to internet then over to kppp and 
click it works perfect. Just the strangest thing. Once again thanks for the 
input and advise


On Monday 02 June 2003 10:44 pm, Robert Meyer wrote:
> I would suspect that if you right click on the one on the desktop and
> select Properties and the one in the memu (with menudrake), you'll find out
> that they may be invoking things differently.  In newer KDE versions, you
> can drag the one from the menu to the desktop.  Just whack the one on the
> desktop and drag the one from the menu there and the problem will be
> gone...
> Cheers!
> Bob
> --- David Mangani <dmangani at> wrote:
> > I had been unable to use KDE as my desktop because kppp would lock up my
> > screen when going online. All my icons would disappear the task bar would
> > not
> >
> > come up, it was very strange. Almost by chance I inadvertantly ran kppp
> > from the kmenu instead of the shortcut on the desktop and it works
> > perfectly! I don't know why it would do that. Anyone have any ideas? An
> > answer is not critical as I am able to finally use KDE, Its just that I'd
> > love to know why it does that. If anyone knows why this would be please
> > let me know.
> >
> > TIA
> > Dave.
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