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Dave Andruczyk djandruczyk at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 9 13:05:52 EDT 2003

You can configure the display manager (xdm,gdm) to force a restart of the
Xserver when a sessions is closed. (xdm does it by default), gdm needs to be
told to do so.  The config files are typically in: 
/etc/X11/{xdm, or gdm }
in /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf, there is a line 
AlwaysRestartServer=true  true=restart the X server. False, means not to 

As for KDM, I'm unsure if it restarts or not.  It'd configuation is very
similar to xdm, so I'm guessing it auto-restarts X on session logout.

--- Cyber Source <peter at thecybersource.com> wrote:
> The nvidia problem has been fixed!!! Used to be that with the latest
> kernel with amd cpu's that the xsession would not properly close. In
> other words, if a user was running say tuxracer and had the nvidia
> kernel driver installed on a system with an amd cpu and then they logged
> out and another user logged in and tried to run anything like tuxracer
> or mplayer, etc, there session would crash and then restart the xserver,
> then they could log in and it would be ok. This happened on a Mandrake 9
> box (Bob Meyer) and a RedHat 9 box (me) both with amd cpu's. I tried it
> once with an Intel cpu and the problem did not happen, that system did
> not have an 8x agp port(intel boards had not come out with them yet and
> I suspected this might be an issue as well) but I noticed that on the
> intel system, on log out, it would restart the xserver (you would see
> the nvidia splash screen) then it would load the xdm(kdm or gdm) and the
> crashing did not occur. SO,,,, on a recent install of RedHat 9 on a
> system with the same AMD cpu and 8x AGP port with the same nvidia card,
> this did not crash anymore and just like the intel system, it restarted
> the xserver on logout. I am not sure but I think that the nvidia driver
> is the same version as I had before so it may have come with an updated
> package, as I always update the system via the RedHat Network. Anyone
> else notice this improvement?
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> Cyber Source <peter at thecybersource.com>

Dave J. Andruczyk

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