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Cyber Source peter at thecybersource.com
Wed Jul 9 13:04:21 EDT 2003

The nvidia problem has been fixed!!! Used to be that with the latest
kernel with amd cpu's that the xsession would not properly close. In
other words, if a user was running say tuxracer and had the nvidia
kernel driver installed on a system with an amd cpu and then they logged
out and another user logged in and tried to run anything like tuxracer
or mplayer, etc, there session would crash and then restart the xserver,
then they could log in and it would be ok. This happened on a Mandrake 9
box (Bob Meyer) and a RedHat 9 box (me) both with amd cpu's. I tried it
once with an Intel cpu and the problem did not happen, that system did
not have an 8x agp port(intel boards had not come out with them yet and
I suspected this might be an issue as well) but I noticed that on the
intel system, on log out, it would restart the xserver (you would see
the nvidia splash screen) then it would load the xdm(kdm or gdm) and the
crashing did not occur. SO,,,, on a recent install of RedHat 9 on a
system with the same AMD cpu and 8x AGP port with the same nvidia card,
this did not crash anymore and just like the intel system, it restarted
the xserver on logout. I am not sure but I think that the nvidia driver
is the same version as I had before so it may have come with an updated
package, as I always update the system via the RedHat Network. Anyone
else notice this improvement?
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