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Ronald Maggio r.v.maggio at worldnet.att.net
Sat Mar 30 10:19:08 EST 2002

P.S. I forgot to also mention to find out the limits of your monitor screen
size (what its set to now?)
and so on. Plus is your modem a winmodem? if so a linmodem driver will have
to be downloaded
for your make and model modem in order for you to be able to dialout at
If you happen to use either a win or regular ISA modem check the settings in
windows as to the
following: Com port and IRQ. Its easier if your using an ISA modem. One
thing though
Plug & Play can be a problem? I have had to manually set with jumpers (the
com port and irq) in
order to use it. Check your windows settings and see the selections, and if
the jumpers are set to
Plug & Play on the modem. You will have to reset the jumpers to the settings
allotted in windows
so Linux can use it. When we get into Linux you'll notice serial devices are
shown as
(ttys) so ttys0=com1 ttys1=com2 you get the picture! We'll show you a few
tips here and there,
(((but you'll do the installation.))) The best way to learn is to be in the
drivers seat, but have a mentor
or two show you the ropes. Its not hard at all! Once your up and running
though, its hit the ground
running dude! Use your installation of Linux. Come to the meetings and read
till your eyes fall out
is the only way learn.

> Ok...no problem. I think I already had made a copy for you as requested.
> Looking to see pile-O-stuff.....Oh indeed I did! ok. Mandrake 8.1 correct?
> But before you bring your box in you need get your box ready to install,
> copy down a few thing first. 1. Did you back up the system if your going
> dual-boot it with windows. Even more a reason if using one harddrive to
> two OS's on. 2. Have info on (all) hardware on hand, model #'s and makes.
> 3. Have you an unused partition to install Linux on, roughly a minimum of
> 6 gigs? but I'd really use a larger partition than that, and finnaly. 4.
> your installing
> on a separate harddrive altogether...lets say 10gigs or more then its a
> piece of cake.
> Also so even more important bring any and all info that your ISP supplies
> about your account. In other words your account information.
> User/Network ID. User/Network Password.
> e-mail: address, user ID, passward, dialout numbers, POP3?, SMTP,
> NNTP=Netnews info. in other words Usenet. Primary & Secondary
> assigned DNS address. ( Domain Name, blank.com
> or blank.net. and finaly what type of scripting langue..(most use pap or
> chap)
> but don't worry about this. Mine uses chap, but AT&T from what it seems
> to me will let pap interface as the scripting langue without any work from
> my side.
> All I did was install answer a few questions (the above information) and
> on line.
> No big deal.
> Ron
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