Local Linux friendly ISP offer to NFLUG users

Gregory J. Neumann gjn at certainlywood.com
Fri Mar 22 19:21:46 EST 2002

Watch YOUR butt, Dege!  My daughter is still very much wanting to be a part of the 
group: "Ooohh!  Is anybody in the water right now??"  Besides working on setting up 
her own Linux computer.

Firstborn son (assuming M$ hasn't taken title to him ;-) ) is interested in working 
on a Linux CounterStrike server.  As he puts it, "All the reliable and fastest 
CounterStrike serves on the net are Linux."   Hey, miracles >do< happen!

Commute to meetings is easier if we move for me, too.  Free parking is always nice!

> Here, here.  I can see no immediate downside to this location.  The
> commute for me is about the same, but knowing that I'll have a parking
> spot without the fear of a ticket puts my mind at ease :)
> I don't have to lug my machine up the stairs anymore & I can still
> kick Bob's butt in Quake!!!  Bob, you can always change your name to
> Cannon Fodder ;)
> Dege
> So Many Things in Life Would Be Really Funny
> .... If They Weren't Happening To Me

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