Local Linux friendly ISP offer to NFLUG users

Gregory J. Neumann gjn at certainlywood.com
Fri Mar 22 18:49:17 EST 2002

Well, as long as we don't come to the meetings and give everybody a "next-10-
minutes-only-offer-you-can't-refuse-but-wait-there's-more!" sales pitch, I can 
handle the occasional "for members of NFLUG" kind of email now and then.  After 
all, I don't have to read it, and that's a lot easier than trying to remember where 
I dropped the #$%@ remote! ;-)

If there was the proverbial snowball's chance, I'd ask about DSL to Holland, but 
.... looks like it'll be Regis' private domain (hehe!) for the near future. :-\

Would you consider a presentation on how DSL works and/or how an open source 
committed local business is working out?

Now, on a totally different note, I'm in favor of your company's very generous 
offer for meeting space.  I doubt we could find an easier to get to location, the 
price fits what the treasury can afford, and a high-speed caffiene source on top of 
it all!  Not bad! :-D  

Just my opinion as a trying-to-be-more-active NFLUG member.

> Okay, well I think that if anyone here works for a company who is
> willing to extend a special offer to NFLUG users then they should be
> able to do so as it is -only- for nflug users and affiliates.
> On the simple and free note, I got the company to approve providing free
> space / facility use for NFLUG meetings at our office @ the corner of
> Cayuga and Cleveland drive, (easy access from the 33 or 90) should the
> group be interested (I spoke with Dege about this on the phone
> earlier).. we have conference room, refrigerator, internet access, high
> speed coffee machine, etc.. I believe our building is about 4000 sq feet
> or so.
> Has nothing to do with what you are saying of course, but since you
> decided to throw the word 'free' in there I wanted you to know that we
> are all pro-linux and open source advocates here as well.. hence the
> offer that was extended to NFLUG for free meeting space and discounted
> DSL install should anybody be interested.
> I hope you didn't get the wrong impression! I'm sorry if you did.. I did
> not mean to invade the list with 'commercial interests' and since
> nothing was said about what is / isn't allowed, it was just something I
> decided to toss in.. of course if list members disagree with me posting
> that, I apologize!! Its only internet access :-|
> Take it easy,
> Joe Bielli
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> Hey Ron,
> Its not actually a commercial pitch, I've been a member of this list for
> quite some time and just wanted to get us all a deal if anyone was
> interested. I'm a tech, not a salesman as I said. I get no perks or
> bonuses for people signing up, but our service is basically 'Geek DSL',
> so I figured list members might be interested. 
> The fees can be viewed at our dslreports page
> http://www.dslreports.com/reviews/1903 .. the installation pricing is
> discounted and includes modem, router, and on-site install..
> We are not the 'big dogs' in the DSL arena, however I think we provide
> better quality DSL service and support than most ISP's around here (we
> are all techies and geeks, not customer service reps), and we are here
> to stay (unlike previous dsl companies who spent millions of dollars on
> DSLAMs and couldn't recoup their cost / pulled out of town).. We charge
> the installation because we don't have special contracts with hardware
> manufacturers like verizon does, who gets their modems for next to
> nothing. I'd be happy to answer any other questions that you shoot my
> way..
> Sorry if this all sounded like a big 'sales pitch'.. but its more of a
> deal extended to the local linux community.
> Thanks,
> Joe Bielli
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> Well....I think that any advertisement of any nature is a commercial
> statement and I think ((in my own opinion)) we as a free
> loose structured group (all of us) still need to keep it simple and
> free. If commercial interests (of what ever kind) where to be totally
> allowed with no input from the group stating that...Ok now we'er a free
> and loose structured group, but how much and 
> of what type of advertisement is allowed or not. With the knowledge of
> an inevitable damper it could  put on the momentum of conversation on
> this list. This is just my own opinion I do not make this statement on
> behalf of NFLUG. I am only just a member
> I do not have any more say than anyone else!
> Ron

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