Daemen College

Robert F. Stockdale IV javabob at localnet.com
Fri Mar 22 18:20:33 EST 2002

Sounds great to me. I would be able to attend my FIRST meeting. Maybe 
even bring my son who is getting very interested in Linux (finally!).

Robert Romito wrote:

> Hi All.
> I just heard back from Daemen College.  They have a room we can use.
>     * Located in new Business Building
>     * Classroom sized - accomodates 25ish people
>     * Air Conditioned
>     * Internet Connection
>     * Plenty'O'Parking
>     * $35 / session (meaning $35 for an entire Sunday)
>     * Snacks and facilities in building
> We would have to re-evaluate the room each semester (in 4 month blocks), 
> since classes and on-campus activities are first priority.  Once we've 
> been given a room, however, it's ours for the term.  They do have larger 
> rooms if we grow.
> The room is available for April if we so desire.  There's a 2 week 
> processing period before we could actually use the room.  Therefore, in 
> order to hold the April meeting on the 21st (third sunday), we'd have to 
> decide by April 5.  I can handle the paper work if we vote to use Daemen.
> So whadda ya think?  I think it's a pretty good deal.  We could easily 
> spread out the $35 rental fee.  A con is that if we have a surge in 
> meeting attendance the room might be a little crowded.  Unless such a 
> surge is a frequent event, I think this is a winner.
> Robert Romito

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