Daemen College

Robert Romito robromito at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 21 16:44:58 EST 2002

Hi All.<br>
I just heard back from Daemen College. &nbsp;They have a room we can use.<br>
  <li>Located in new Business Building</li>
  <li>Classroom sized - accomodates 25ish people</li>
  <li>Air Conditioned</li>
  <li>Internet Connection</li>
  <li>$35 / session (meaning $35 for an entire Sunday)</li>
  <li>Snacks and facilities in building</li>
We would have to re-evaluate the room each semester (in 4 month blocks),
since classes and on-campus activities are first priority. &nbsp;Once we've been
given a room, however, it's ours for the term. &nbsp;They do have larger rooms
if we grow. <br>
The room is available for April if we so desire. &nbsp;There's a 2 week processing
period before we could actually use the room. &nbsp;Therefore,<b> in order to
hold the April meeting on the 21st (third sunday), we'd have to decide by
April 5</b>. &nbsp;I can handle the paper work if we vote to use Daemen.<br>
So whadda ya think? &nbsp;I think it's a pretty good deal. &nbsp;We could easily spread
out the $35 rental fee. &nbsp;A con is that if we have a surge in meeting attendance
the room might be a little crowded. &nbsp;Unless such a surge is a frequent event,
I think this is a winner.<br>
Robert Romito<br>

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