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> With this month's meeting so early we have a long time to plan next
> meeting!  I would ask everyone to look around and try to determine if
there is
> a location they know of where we could meet other than the Statler.  FOR
> PRESENT we will continue to meet at Statler unless an official
announcement is
> made.
> All I am really looking for is options at this time.  We have often
> about the good points of meeting Downtown, central location, cost (free),
> availability of public trans.  However we often comment about the bad
> too.  Traffic when an event is going on (we seem to have hit 3 months in a
> that an event was scheduled at the convention center!), parking (most
> free unless an event id going on), lack of room control (we never know
> week to week what the room availability will be), and a host of others
make the
> Statler as inconvenient as it is convenient.
> So if everyone can offer suggestions, not just "Let's meet at the Hyatt",
> please suggest something that you can check out, times availability,
> etc.  An ideal site would be conveniently located, have free parking,
> table space for cptr stuff, and internet connectivity.  Any meeting place
> can guarantee us availabilty would most likely have a charge too, so that
> to be looked at...
> Please offer suggestions and we'll discuss and see what's available.

I have a few ideas but let me look into them before I mention them.


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