April's meeting

JJ Neff jjneff at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 14 08:54:45 EST 2002

With this month's meeting so early we have a long time to plan next month's
meeting!  I would ask everyone to look around and try to determine if there is
a location they know of where we could meet other than the Statler.  FOR THE
PRESENT we will continue to meet at Statler unless an official announcement is

All I am really looking for is options at this time.  We have often remarked
about the good points of meeting Downtown, central location, cost (free),
availability of public trans.  However we often comment about the bad things
too.  Traffic when an event is going on (we seem to have hit 3 months in a row
that an event was scheduled at the convention center!), parking (most often
free unless an event id going on), lack of room control (we never know from
week to week what the room availability will be), and a host of others make the
Statler as inconvenient as it is convenient.  

So if everyone can offer suggestions, not just "Let's meet at the Hyatt", but
please suggest something that you can check out, times availability, parking
etc.  An ideal site would be conveniently located, have free parking, ample
table space for cptr stuff, and internet connectivity.  Any meeting place that
can guarantee us availabilty would most likely have a charge too, so that has
to be looked at...

Please offer suggestions and we'll discuss and see what's available.


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