MAR Meeting ?

S. Lawton green_man at
Sun Mar 10 13:49:07 EST 2002

Regrettably, I was not able to make it. I packed and left, and it took 
me 50 min to drive 8 miles and say "I must be INSANE !", and turn 
around. 1 Hr and 15 min later, I was back home, and the path I had 
shovelled to my truck had about 3 in of snow in it. Hard to tell for 
sure because of the 45 mph wind. 

I REALLY wanted to hear this presentation, but it was not to be. If 
anyone took notes, and would like to email them to me as a text 
file, [ or even scan and send as a .jpg or .png, if the writing is 
legible] it would be very greatly appreciated. 


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